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Serving Central Arkanas for 16 Years

Custom Edge specializes in the installation of concrete landscape edging for residential and commercial customers. Concrete borders are beautiful, practical, and very cost competitive with other forms of landscape edging. Our product will increase the curb appeal of your home and make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Why Curbing?

  • No edging requires a lot of trimming and maintenance.
  • Grass can grow into your garden beds with ease.
  • Wood or timbers will rot over time. It also attracts termites and other insects.
  • Steel and plastic edging will lift out of the ground over time. Steel will rust and becomes an eyesore. It also has sharp edges on it, which can become a safety hazard.
  • Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time and pop loose. Grass can grow between the blocks.
  • Concrete landscape edging is one continuous piece. It will not rot or rust and is an effective weed barrier. Itis beautiful as well as functional and will last for many years.

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